Jon Minners, former newspaper editor

Here are my ideas about how journalism can be taught:
1.  It cannot be taught from a book.  Try as they might, most instructors never really get anything out of a text.  What professors need to do is conduct the classroom as if it was a newsroom.  Students must meet deadlines.  They must go out and develop contacts.  They must maintain their contacts.  They must write stories through real contacts they have made.  They must go through the hassle of calling DCPI for a police story and getting no answer in return.  They must understand what its like to be a real journalist.  So, out of nowhere, the professor should pull from a real story and make it a late breaking piece...something small...but something that must be written in some form by the end of the class...or emailed to the professor by a certain time.  

2.  They must be taught journalism etiquette.  Teachers should actually conduct mock scenarios where journalists deal with public relations professionals.  So, while they are at their desk dealing with a story, the teacher should call them and pretend they are with a certain company and see how they respond to deadline pressure and how they deal with the interruption, because it will be a real interruption.  Being on both sides of the coin, I know how frustrating it can be for a PR flack to call someone on their deadline day and I also know how it is for a journalist to just hang up on me.  It is important that journalists know how to deal with these matters realistically.  

3.  All students must be required to attend a community board meeting or precinct council meeting and not write a story about the meeting.  They should attend to develop their networking skills.  They should take notes on different aspects of the meeting, bring back a list of potential stories to their teacher and have the teacher pick the topic he would like them to report further on.  This forces the student to actually call back the contacts he made during the meeting, which requires him to get numbers and information from these individuals.  Networking leads to future stories and students need to realize how important it is to cultivate a network.  

4.  All teachers should have guests talk to students about their careers in journalism.  It should run the gamut, from those who went into community based reporting to those that went into major papers, like USA Today, Wall Street Journal...or even TV.  They should also have writers who work for trade publications and magazines.  And they should also have those who went into different careers, like myself, who credit journalism for getting them there, so students can see what kind of doorways might be opened through a career in journalism.  

5.  All students should maintain a blog about their class...this way they can be taught the difference between journalistic writing and blog writing.  

6.  If possible, a teacher should try to arrange through community papers opportunities for students to shadow a reporter on one particular day.  These are just some suggestions I would have.  

Jon Minners is the Communications Manager for, the Web’s most comprehensive resource for career management and job information. Prior to that, he was the managing editor for one of News Corp.’s Community Newspapers (The Bronx Times Reporter) and has been a journalist for over 10 years.  


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